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Malvern Prep is committed to providing a quality, student-centered, and Augustinian-based education for those qualified students who desire it. Keep Them In Blazers grew out of the need to support our Friar brothers during uncertain times.

Keep Them In Blazers provides tuition support to Malvern students and families who might otherwise not be able to attend Malvern Prep.

With a gift to the Keep Them In Blazers campaign, you not only give a young man the opportunity of a Malvern Prep education, you also give him a chance to pay it forward and make an impact of his own.

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INSPIRATION: Our Keep Them In Blazers campaign is inspired by stories like those of twin brothers Nate '98 and Jason Lautar '98, who found themselves struggling to pay tuition. "My family was in a situation and needed help," says Nate. "an anonymous alumnus or family stepped up and made it possible for my brother and me to stay at Malvern Prep. I still, to this day, do not know who the donor is, but we are forever grateful."

The generosity of the anonymous donor was not forgotten by Nate and Jason. In the spirit of St. Augustine and the Malvern brotherhood, Nate and Jason have made their impact in different ways. Across the country, Jason is serving our country in the Navy, as second in command of the USS Michael Murphy, and is currently stationed in Honolulu. Close to home, Nate, with longtime friend and Malvern alumnus Todd Brennan '99 and others, started the Malvern Wrestling Club (MWC). The proceeds from the club are donated back to Malvern with the goal of providing the opportunity of a Malvern education to young men. Through their wrestling program, over $500,000 has been donated to Malvern, specifically to help students in similar situations as Nate and Jason.

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