Top All Boys School in Malvern

Malvern Preparatory school offers young men a unique and rigorous education rooted in Augustinian Catholic values. By engaging our students in a wide variety of educational practices and activities, we provide a holistic experience for students that will prepare your child for their next steps in the world.


Why Is Malvern Prep the Best Choice for an All-Boys High School Near Me?

Malvern Prep offers a diverse range of classes, activities, and programs that will provide your sons with a well-rounded Catholic education. By focusing on everything from athletics to academics to art, we give our students a chance to dip their toes into various subjects of interest while keeping the Catholic Augustinian values present in every aspect of what we do. We offer programs for our students looking to get involved in everything, from sports to the arts, and work with our students to create a truly personalized experience. 


What Makes Malvern Prep Unique for an All-Boys High School Near Me?

At Malvern Prep, we blend our Augustinian Catholic values with the tools and resources our students need to succeed in the areas they are passionate about. We offer several programs and unique services that allow our students to make the most out of their four years spent in our upper school. Throughout the school year, we offer several programs that are geared toward students’ unique interests and needs so that they can best succeed in our community. 

Examples of past programs we offer include:

  • The J-Term
    • The J-Term Program occurs during the week between our first and second semester of each calendar year. During this week, we offer special workshops that students can take advantage of to grow their skills in areas they are passionate about outside the classroom. In past years, we’ve offered courses varying from crime scene investigation to stage design.
  • APS and Honors
    • Despite being a private institution, we offer a wide range of AP and honors classes so your child can feel prepared for college. We offer a total of 16 AP classes in a wide variety of subjects to cater to all students' strengths. 
  • ARCS Project
    • The ARCS project allows us to integrate Augustinian values into the classroom. Every year, students completing the ARCS project will reflect on their past portfolios to create Augustinian confessions and soliloquies.
  • Local Partnerships
    • Malvern Prep partners with local universities and neighboring private schools for our students to have the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment courses for college credit. Institutions we work with include Immaculata University and Villa Maria Academy. 
  • Foreign Language Programs
    • We offer various world-language programs, including Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin study courses. Our language programs allow students to explore a new language and learn about aspects of a culture they may not have been familiar with before. 
  • Independent Study
    • Independent studies are individualized to every student’s interests and needs. Students will work with a member of our faculty to complete this project throughout the year.