Top College Prep School Near Berwyn

Malvern Preparatory School is an all-boys middle and upper school that offers young men a unique and rigorous education rooted in Augustinian Catholic values. Through providing a diverse range of classes, programs, and activities, we provide the best college-preparatory education for young men in the Berwyn area. Malvern Prep is an accredited institution by the PA association of independent schools, and with over 630 students, we have created a community unlike any other.


Why Is Malvern Prep the Top College Prep School in the Area?

At Malvern Prep, we focus on each student's individual needs and interests to best serve them on their path to success and eventually graduation. Through a combination of academics, team building, and collaboration, we help members of the Malvern Prep community excel in not only the classroom but in the real world as well. Additionally, our emphasis on Augustinian values allows students to explore so much more than just academics, but the importance of truth, love, and unity in all aspects of what they do. Malvern Prep also provides a unique, nontraditional classroom experience for students and parents looking for something more than just an education. Through a wide variety of programs, extracurriculars, and classes, we are genuinely able to give our students the most holistic experience possible and can aid them in becoming well-rounded individuals. 


What Makes Malvern Prep Unique?

Malvern Prep's unique approach to education allows our students to succeed to the best of their abilities, making us one of the top college prep schools in the area. Oftentimes, it is hard to find an institution that will work directly with your child to best fit their needs. Here at Malvern Prep, we use a team-based approach so that our faculty can adequately understand and assess the needs of each student specifically. By doing this, they can understand what each student needs to work on and provide them with the best tools they need to succeed. Additionally, by incorporating Augustinian values in almost everything we do, our students will have a holistic understanding of the essential values of love, unity, and truth, as well as Augustinian traditions. 

Some of the programs we incorporate into our middle and upper school curriculums include:

  • Project-Based Experiences
    • Project-based experiences allow students to participate in hands-on activities alongside their school peers, as well as make an impact on the greater Malvern Prep community. Project-based learning helps students grow in ways beyond just academics and walk away with something meaningful and personal. 
  • Foreign Language Programs
    • We offer various world-language programs, including Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin study courses. Our language programs allow students to explore a new language and learn about aspects of a culture they may not have been familiar with before. 
  • Independent Study
    • Independent studies that are individualized to every student’s interests and needs. Students will work with a member of our faculty to complete this project throughout the year. 
  • Aid in Academic Growth
    • Specific periods allotted throughout the day, such as prep block for the middle school, give students time to work on any academic skills or obstacles they may be facing. Prep block is essential in teaching students how to best manage their time and study, which will help them prepare for the more rigorous work in the upper school setting.