Top Private School Athletic Program near Bryn Mawr, PA

Malvern Prep is one of the top educational institutions in Pennsylvania. As an all-boys college preparatory school, Malvern Prep prepares students for success with college prep classes and a College Counseling Program, emphasizes community service, guides students to grow as men into tomorrow’s leaders, and follows in the footsteps of St. Augustine with the values of Truth, Unity, and Love. 
There is no denying that academic prowess is the lead selling point for parents and students when considering Malvern Prep. But the school also offers an extraordinary private school athletics program with a storied history of athletic achievement. By building an athletic powerhouse, Malvern Prep can continue its emphasis on team building and leadership.

Why Choose Malvern Prep for Your Athletic Career?

Students are in the best position to maximize their athletic abilities and reach their full potential in their pursuit of a future in college athletics at Malvern Prep. Students receive access to modern gyms and weight rooms, new turf fields and sports arenas, and prominent physical trainers at their disposal. To appeal to all students, we offer a wide variety of sports for students to choose from. From the powerhouse Malvern Prep football team to the sailing team, students can choose from 18 sports and 57 different teams to accommodate athletes of all levels and abilities. Students are even encouraged to take up multiple sports and be as active as they can. Malvern Prep students can pursue the following athletic opportunities:

  • Fall
    • Cross Country (3 teams)
    • Football (5)
    • Golf (3)
    • Rowing (2)
    • Rugby Sevens
    • Sailing
    • Soccer (5)
    • Water Polo (3)
  • Winter
    • Basketball (6)
    • Hockey (3)
    • Squash (3)
    • Swimming/Diving (2)
    • Winter Track
    • Wrestling (2)
  • Spring
    • Baseball (6)
    • Lacrosse (5)
    • Rugby (3)
    • Tennis (3)
    • Track (3)

Malvern Prep boasts one of the area's most consistently successful athletic programs. The rowing team has won multiple SRA national championships, the ice hockey team has won two Pennsylvania state championships, the lacrosse team has won a state championship, and most teams have dominated the Inter-Ac League. The Malvern Prep football team is a nationally recognized program with 34 league title victories. Malvern Prep has had multiple former athletes go on to play in Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, for the U.S. Olympic teams, and in the National Football League, including Pro Football Hall of Famer, Wayne Millner (Class of 1933).

Importance of Sports for Your Son

Participation in sports is crucial for the growth and development of individuals. Students can create friendships while learning teamwork, leadership, and valuable lessons from winning and losing. Physical activity is fantastic for physical and mental health and can help build confidence in students.

Learn More About Malvern Prep

When you attend Malvern Prep, you are choosing to maximize your academic and athletic potential with world-class resources, facilities, and coaching. Malvern Prep prepares students for college and adult life, whether in the classroom, court, field, or gym, to help build successful young men. Visit Malvern Prep today to learn more.