Your Premier College Prep School Near Gradyville

A Tradition of Excellence

Malvern Preparatory School, located just a short drive from Gradyville, is a premier all-boys school renowned for its rigorous college preparatory program. Since our founding in 1842, Malvern Prep has been dedicated to fostering the intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth of young men. Our mission is to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are prepared to excel in college and beyond.

Why Choose Malvern Prep?

When searching for a “college prep school near me,” you want a place that offers more than just academics. At Malvern Prep, we provide a holistic education that prepares students for the challenges of higher education and life. Here’s what sets us apart:

Academic Excellence

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire. From Advanced Placement (AP) courses to innovative STEAM programs, Malvern Prep ensures that students are engaged and excited about learning. Our experienced faculty members are passionate educators who are committed to helping each student reach their full potential.

Personalized College Counseling

Our dedicated college counseling team works closely with each student, providing personalized guidance throughout the college application process. We help students identify their strengths, explore potential career paths, and find the best-fit colleges. Our track record speaks for itself, with Malvern Prep graduates attending top-tier universities across the country.

Character and Leadership Development

At Malvern Prep, we believe that education extends beyond the classroom. Our Augustinian values—Truth, Unity, and Love—are woven into every aspect of school life. We emphasize the importance of character, integrity, and leadership, encouraging students to become responsible and compassionate members of society.

A Supportive Community

Choosing an all-boys school like Malvern Prep means becoming part of a close-knit community where students form lifelong friendships and mentor relationships. Our small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention and support. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, from athletics to arts, allowing students to explore their interests and develop new skills.


Our athletic program is an integral part of the Malvern Prep experience. We offer a variety of sports, including football, basketball, lacrosse, and swimming, among others. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaches help students excel both on and off the field. Participation in sports teaches valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Arts and Culture

For those with artistic inclinations, Malvern Prep provides numerous opportunities to explore and develop creative talents. Our arts program includes visual arts, music, theater, and digital media. Students can participate in school productions, join musical ensembles, or showcase their artwork in exhibitions.

Service and Spiritual Life

Service to others is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Malvern Prep students are encouraged to engage in community service projects and mission trips, fostering a sense of empathy and global awareness. Our campus ministry offers numerous opportunities for spiritual growth and reflection, helping students deepen their faith and understanding.

Campus and Facilities

Our beautiful campus, situated near Gradyville, offers a serene and inspiring environment for learning. With modern classrooms, cutting-edge science labs, and extensive athletic facilities, Malvern Prep provides the ideal setting for academic and extracurricular pursuits. We continually invest in our infrastructure to ensure that students have access to the best resources and technology.

Visit Malvern Prep

Seeing is believing. We invite you to visit our campus and experience the Malvern Prep difference firsthand. Attend an open house, schedule a tour, or meet with our admissions team to learn more about what makes Malvern Prep the best “college prep school near me.” Discover how our nurturing environment, exceptional faculty, and robust programs can help your son thrive.

Join the Malvern Prep Family

Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your son’s future. At Malvern Prep, we are committed to providing an education that inspires, challenges, and prepares young men for success in college and beyond. Join our community and become part of a legacy of excellence.

For more information, contact us today or visit our website to learn more about admissions, financial aid, and upcoming events. Discover why Malvern Prep is the premier choice for families seeking a top-tier all-boys school near Gradyville.